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What Is Vintage Speed Designs?

Vintage Speed Designs is a small, enthusiastic team of goldsmiths, artists and technicians working in our small studio in northwestern Oregon.  We are dedicated to designing and creating the finest quality hand crafted specialty jewelry in 14k gold.  Each piece is an original design conceptualized and created by our talented team.  Our designs are offered as pendants, pins or tie tacks and earrings.  Please take a look.

Original Designs

Each and every piece Vintage Speed Designs offers is an original.  The inspiration for a new piece may come from our desire to create a particular model, or may be the result of requests from potential customers.  Photos provide views from which an artists conceptual drawing is made, then 3-D views are made to create a piece from modeling wax.

Lost Wax Casting

Once a wax positive is created a rubber mold is made from it to begin production of the new piece.  A softer type of wax is used to make positives from the mold, attached to limbs on a wax tree, then encased in a special type of plaster.  This is then baked to allow the wax to melt and run out of the plaster mold, hence the term 'lost wax'.

Gold Casting

Our casting process utilizes a centrifuge.  The plaster mold is placed on an arm in the centrifuge while a ceramic crucible is fitted in a fixture at the center.  14k gold is heated in the crucible and, once molten, the centrifuge is triggered.  Centrifugal force causes the liquid gold to flow from the crucible into the plaster mold.  Once cooled, the mold is dissolved in a water/soap solution, leaving the freshly cast jewelry pieces attached to the 'sprue', or limbs of a tree of gold.

From Rough To Polished

Finishing our jewelry pieces involves cutting them from the sprue tree so we can work on each piece individually.  The waste gold is recycled for later use.  The jewelry pieces are taken to a jeweler's bench for trimming and filing of casting flash, sanding and polishing and attachment of pendant loops, pin and tie tack studs and earring posts.  A final buffing brings out the luster of the yellow gold and the new piece is ready for its new home.

No Cheap Imports

As you can see from this process, our original jewelry pieces are designed and manufactured in our small studio in Oregon.  Each piece is hand crafted of solid 14K yellow gold.  All our designs are lifetime investments in fine jewelry.  We probably make a piece that matches your favorite obsession.  Check our catalog and enjoy!